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RV greenvally trail

RV meditation view

Bodhi Tree

RV bhodi treeRockville’s Bodhi Tree. My meditation spot for a mid ride break. There’s a nice round of a felled oak beneath it to sit on.







Someone buried their dog’s ashes right in front of the oak round, so now I have company while I do a bit of vipassana!

RV ashes

My Current Favorite Ride

Starting from the parking lot up the Main Trail and go straight through past the Kiosk and through the gate then right towards the lake…
Go left at the lake taking the trail that circles the shore, then over the cattle guard, and hard right onto the Lake Front trail.
Either follow the Lake Front trail of go left after about 1/4 mile onto the parallel trail and both lead to a left turn on either a fire road or a bit of single track that leads to a short climb to the Cave Trail.
Go Hard left into the rocks and find your way to the bluffs that overlook the park and out to Mt Diablo and the Mothball Fleet.
From there head towards the Outside Loop. If you take a left about 200 yards you can go up hill  and then to the right to a great picnic bench and Green Valley overlook.
Continue on the Outside Loop, keeping to the right for a great rock garden, then on to the brief climb to the Twisted Tree area.
From there take Middle Mystic trail down and then climbing up to the fire road that leads back down to the lake.
Coast down reversing course around the lake and back to the parking lot.
4.83 Miles

Screen shot 2013-09-08 at 5.26.18 PM

View from the top

First ride of 2013

Today was my first ride this year at Rockville. I’ve got a new old bike, a Scott Comp racing from 1996 that I picked up in a second hand shop for $75.

Gorgeous spring day!!


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